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About BOR from MinnieMay9
This is a little about BOR and why it was made... I got the idea to make this site because our other comic had too many fillers and we where thinking of fillers by the truckloads... but still hadn't come up with a story line[which we now have, just to let you know], and from Em-chan's wonderful bag. This comic is where everything that was either deleted from VC, or just random comic ideas, it won't have a major plot... there might be two mini plots... I know I have some idea, and Em-chan is messing with one of her own ^.^ I hope you enjoy all of the randomness!!

About BOR from DraconianGoddess
I own the real BOR and if people don't like it, I shall throw them into it!! *insert evil laughter here*

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{Date: 06/07/05}
I've been busy being busy being artsy-and craftsy!

My college ranting! (my LiveJournal)
Jessean's Corner

{Date: 02/25/03}
Alright! Second comic! Okay, this pretty much really did happen. When I got my new uniform over the summer, the shirts and skirts were huge, but the pants very, very small. After about 3 trips to the actual store, I finally got clothes that fit a little better. However, when the first day of school came around, I noticed that a lot of the other girls had trouble with sizes and they weren't able to fix them >.< God, uniforms are shitty...

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